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Beauty Help

Coloring your hair is one best ways to make you feel fierce, beautiful and in some cases younger. With any color service your hair always gets slightly off balance on the ph scale, therefore, it is ALWAYS important that you're using very good products that will treat your hair and bring it back to its natural state. I recommend these products and if used as instructed your hair will be in tip top shape once again. Starting from the top, the wet brush is an amazing brush that is more gentle than any other brush i've used/tried. It goes through tangles very easy and it's perfect for brushing through conditioner and leave-in conditioners. Secondly, Pureology strength cure shampoo and conditioner is an excellent choice for your shampooing days. The whole pureology line is very nurishing, created with all natural vegan ingredients, sulfate free and color safe. One week with this shampoo and conditioner comboination and you will never go back to the other brand. The pure volume conditioner can also be paired up with the strength cure shampoo for a lighter version. (Lighter combination for fine hair). Thirdly, It's a 10 is my new found favortie leave-in conditioner. This leave-in restores the moisture balance in your hair, detangles, restores stregnth of the hair, defrizzes, adds shine, protects from heat and more. I've watched my clients hair change from using this miracle leave-in conditioner. Moreover, It's a 10 also makes a version for blondes which has all the same benefits along with toning, keeping your blonde hair bright and full of life. Second to last, Redken's pillow proof dry shampoo is an amazing dry shampoo to extend your "dirty days." This is one of the few dry shampoo's that DOES NOT leave a residue in the hair, removes any smells, absorbs all the oil at the root and gives texture adding volume. Works fab and you can put off your wash day two or more days than you normally would. Lastly, Dr. Haushka's hair neem oil can be found at your local whole foods market or online. I have found that this hair oil treatment is the best and most effective. This neem oil is NOT a styling product, it IS a treatment. Similar to a weekly conditioning mask, you would use this oil on a day where you know that your going to wash your hair. Put it through your ends, put your hair up and go about your day. Go to the gym. cook, clean, lay out by the pool or run errands. The longer you leave this treatment in your hair the better. When your ready to shampoo your hair, do so. You will notice the effect of the treatment with just one treatment. To conclude, you WILL be amazed with your results. Get these products after your color service, stay consistant and I promise your hair will change for the better. You will be impressed. 

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