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My name is Richard White.


From a very young age, hair has always been an obsession of mine. I was first inspired by magazines and MTV’s Making the Video. Those inspirations lead me to play with my younger sister’s hair, always creating and perfecting new looks. She definitely was NOT my biggest fan at that time, but what are siblings for? Little did I know, my childhood hobby would lead me to discover my true passion for hair and the beauty industry.


Growing up in California, I always knew the start of my career was going to be in Los Angeles. After completing my education at Bellflower Adult School of Cosmetology, I set out to LA to receive additional experience and training from elite artists.


I have been in the beauty industry for 9+ years. My passion and creative eye have allowed me to master numerous techniques for hair. I am always searching for new inspiration from social media, feature films and fashion shows to influence new and exciting looks for my clients. 

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